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I actually find it very interesting at the end of Meta fiction that he tears the angel related research materials off the wall (his hunter style approach to his Angel related problems)  and  then he takes off the trenchcoat (his angelic identity) and puts up the sigil in his suit  - which is a very deliberate adoption not of a hunters technique but of hunter’s ATTIRE, perhaps with his human objectives as his new priority.

So technically he didn’t reject either world entirely.  Instead he blended them…taking from each world as he needed to in reevaluating and planning out his new objective.  Because what he now knows require a massive change in strategy.

Cas isn’t choosing to be just an Angel or a just hunter, he’s making himself into BOTH.  He’s establishing his own distinct identity in a time of great need.

Also important to note: while he began blending his various aspects/selves he started by casting off his angelic signature in favor of the garb of humanity, perhaps indicating what he is most comfortable as or what he most wants to be.  (Or perhaps who he really is when no one else can see.  I’d be saying Nephalim here, but we know he’s not one in the technical sense of the word.)

 The scene cuts away with him still in the suit and we don’t see him in the trenchcoat again until the next morning, when he’s going out to greet his siblings, with whom he’ll need that aspect of his identity.

There is a wealth to be said about EVERY MOVE HE MAKES in that scene.

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I’m re-watching 9x18 and I barely made it two minutes in, and I just have to point something out.

Metatron is typing away, then looks up and starts talking about stories. We assume he’s talking to us, right?


But guess who is eventually revealed to be sitting in his office right in front of him.

image [x]

He’s not telling us this intro and following story - he’s telling Castiel.

And what is the very first scene he paints? That we have all deemed pretty much unnecessary to the telling of said story?

image [x]


I’m not an “active” shipper while watching the show - I save all those squealy feels for the fanfic and art and other fandom-created stuff. The show is just the show, focused on giving us a good story and, I believed firmly until watching this again, any “subtext” the fans chose to read into was either coincidental or just confirmation bias based on wishful thinking.

But wow, that right there is just… blatant.

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Sam Winchester’s Journal - Entry #58

“I don’t have a drinking problem ‘Cept when I can’t get a drink.”
― Tom Waits

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you possibly explain this hermeneutic circle theory more in-depth. Not asking for a lesson, just how did you get from 'Carver's era is postmodernist' to 'Destiel is already canon?' If viewer interpretation is all that matters for something to be canon, then those who think Dean hates Cas are right too. Those who think the brothers are lovers in the show are right. Those who think Cas is an evil megalomaniac are right, etc. Where's the line drawn? Or is this what you meant?
amagicbeyond amagicbeyond Said:


I can explain more for sure.

See, the thing of postmodernism, and the Hermeneutic circle in particular, is that it all kind of rallies around this idea that there is no objective reality, only subjectivity.

So that said, you could say all the the above are true, and still be right-ish. But not so much.

See, there are three parts of the Hermeneutic circle. Viewer interpretation based on that viewers understanding of the text in the context of their culture and their history is only one part. The other two parts hold equal weight, and those are the text itself, and the text in relation to its parts and in relation to texts that came before it.

Which is why framing and musical cues all come into play here. Because this all presupposes that knowledge and understanding is cumulative and that all of that cumulative understanding informs our subjective experience of the world around us.

Approaching everything just from S8 and S9, only the Carver era, because like I said, the Kripke and Gamble eras were fundamentally structured differently, and their approaches to the characters, and the relationships between the various characters were different as well.

So just looking at these two seasons, there’s nothing there to textually support that Dean hates Cas. We had Dean racing through Purgatory, killing everything in his wake, refusing to leave until he found Cas. We had Dean praying to Cas over and over, we had the “Talk to me” scene in the motel, we had Naomi straight up say to Dean that she knew he wished Cas would return, that he wished Cas could feel the same way, we had the crypt scene. After the crypt scene we had Sam verbally acknowledge that Dean’s pain emotionally was because of Cas. We had the ET scene which while obviously not a romantic reference, Eliot loved ET very much. Then in S9, they’ve been separated, but right off the bat we had the prayer scene, framed with romantic music, then Dean refused to give away Cas’ location to angels attacking him, even though right on the other side of the door Sam was suffering, we had Dean in 9.03 having to choose between Cas coming back from death, and Sam knocked out on the floor, and he chose to go to Cas, which TBH was so unexpected I gasped. We had Dean looking like a kicked puppy when Gadreel told him Cas had to leave the bunker. We had Dean watching Cas from outside the Gas n Sip with again romantic music in the background. When Cas returned to the bunker to help Dean get Gadreel out of Sam, Dean directly apologized to him, which again threw me for a loop. Since the shit really hit the fan and Dean started spiralling hard we’ve seen Cas being one of the only things that can make Dean smile. As in Dean didn’t smile once in all of 9.17, and smiled exactly once in 9.18 which was when he was talking to Cas on the phone. We had Dean turning on Cas’ GPS because he was worried about him, we had 6 missed calls from Dean on Cas’ phone, and we had Dean willing to give up the angel that violated his brother with his own help, the angel that’s Dean’s mirror right now, and that represents everything Dean hates about himself, Dean gave that angel up in order to get Cas safe.

So no, I wouldn’t say that the Carver era text supports a reading that concludes that Dean hates Cas.

The brothers are lovers one I’d rather not touch. I don’t ship it personally, I don’t see it in the show, and never have, even before Cas showed up, but I also refuse to criticize other ships.

As to Cas as an evil megalomaniac, again, if this was the Gamble era. Most definitely, that wasn’t even subtext, it was text, and even though Cas fucked up so very very bad then for the right reasons, he still fucked up. But in the Carver era, we start out with Cas running to keep Dean safe from the Leviathan, then we have Cas staying in Purgatory because he believed he deserved to do penance, then we had Cas telling Dean that if he saw what he had done to Heaven he was afraid he would kill himself. Then we had brainwashed Cas who existed in a place without autonomy or agency so you can’t really extrapolate much actual Cas from that, though even trained by killing 1,000 fake Deans Cas still couldn’t kill the real one, then you have Cas trying to make things right and trying to lock Heaven despite knowing that the other angels would likely kill him. In S9 Cas right off the bat tries to help Hael adjust rather than prioritizing his own needs, when he’s thrown out of the bunker he goes, not to seek revenge on Metatron, but to try to make a quiet life for himself and to live humbly, he takes pride in simple honest work. When the angel wars escalated Cas left the quiet life behind to try to help, even though he was powerless. He allowed himself to be tortured and only stole the other angel’s grace after he heard that Ezekiel had died in the fall, that whoever had tried to heal Sam wasn’t Ezekiel, and that the Winchesters were likely in danger. Even then Cas is still regretful, telling Dean on the phone

He had me. I, uh, I was tortured. But I got away.


I… I did what I had to. I became what they’ve become. A barbarian.

Cas drops everything to go to Dean’s side in light of Kevin’s death and the situation with Gadreel, and forgives Dean for everything without pause. In the next episode he has an some amazing moments with Sam.


Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do. But nothing is worth losing you. You know, being human, it didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I mean, I can relate now to how you feel.


What are you talking about?


The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you…is me. And now I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it… I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry.

In Captives Cas refuses to kill Bart or anyone else until he has to to save him own life, and even then he only kills Bart, and doesn’t seem happy about it, and walks past the two angels guarding the door without laying a finger on them, at the end when angels ask him to lead, he refuses.

When he returned to our screens in 9.18 he again refused to lead, refused Metatron’s offer of unlimited batteries to replace the failing grace inside of himself, and a permanent place in Heaven. He was quick to accept fake!Gabriel as a leader and was pleased and ready to follow which that in and of itself pretty much negates any arguments saying Cas is a megalomaniac.

Even at the end of the episode when he appeared to step up into that leadership role, it wasn’t with enthusiasm. It was yet another instance in a season filled with them of someone doing what they have to do, and I hope it works out for him.

So, that’s what we have in the text. None of that supports a reading of Dean hates Cas, or a reading of Cas is an evil megalomaniac.

Postmodernism isn’t about smushing the text into convoluted shapes to make it fit your reading. It’s about you and the text reflecting back at each other.

Your interpretation holds equal weight, if not trumping authorial intent, but you’re still interpreting the actual text that’s been put in front of you. Not just making shit up.

Yeah, I’m working on Reverse Crypt Scene Version 2.0.

savingsammyhuntingdestiel replied to your post “feandra mentioned you in a post “SPN Meta Positivity…”

Of course! I love your blog. The metas are always so positive and your “ship: it’s not broken” tag is glorious! Thanks for being part of the reason Tumblr is so much fun! :)

ahhh you are so nice. And you like my tag! I’m so glad you like my tag. I like my tag too. <3

Dean & Showers

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Supernatural 9x19 - Alex Annie Alexis Ann CHCH Promo

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I’ve seen a lot of meta that has focused on the minutia of the Carver era, as well as meta focusing on the three act structure (which incidentally I am 100% on board with) but I haven’t seen anything on the literal structure of the Carver era, how it’s meant to be engaged, and what that means for Destiel not in the future, but right now.

So, after searches and pleas and impatient waiting failed me, I decided to get off my lazy ass and write it myself.

I’ll say it up front, I’m not an academic, I’ve got a high school diploma, a cosmetology license, and a can do attitude. My understanding of postmodernism is almost completely self taught, and most of what I know relates to the visual arts. So expect a conversational tone, and a really weird approach.

Here we go!

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This is what I’ve been talking about with Dean - his guiding lights. Cas & Crowley are being set up as each other’s parallels, especially in as far as they relate to Dean. In 9.17 we have that lovely shot of Dean & Crowley in the bar - as you can see, Crowley has that El Sol sign over his shoulder. So there is a sign claiming to be the sun associated with Crowley - a fake sun, but from Dean’s POV it’s the brightest one he can see.

Contrast this with 9.18, where we get a shot of a sun dissolving into a shot of Cas’ face - this is the true guiding light, the real sun, and the one that Dean needs to see but can’t yet.

Dean is in a supremely dark place, and he is gravitating towards whatever light he can find - circumstances and Crowley’s manipulations are causing Dean to only see the false light. To get through this, Dean is going to need to find his true guiding light, that light that will enable him to be able to find his way out of this black pit he is falling further and further into.

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