This is all I have to say about Hannah in the Season 10 sneak peek.

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I have a lot of questions in my inbox right now about what purpose I think Cas/Hannah will serve, and I think the gifs above speak for themselves. Seasons 8 and 9 put Cas in a position of being forced to choose between humanity (Dean lbr) and Heaven, but he still finds himself being torn between his loyalties to both. While I would rather things stay platonic between Cas and Hannah, this serves a vital purpose to reinforcing Cas’ choice for his endgame, especially if we’re talking textual romantic deancas.

I do think the romantic vibes between Cas and Hannah will probably be heavy subtext at most, but juxtaposing the two relationships with one another is going to be very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the top gif Hannah is asking Cas to stay with her instead of going off to help Dean, and Cas will choose Dean above Hannah, above Heaven, above the angels…as he always has, and as he always will.

I think it’s also significant that Hannah goes from singular to plural (I -> Heaven), while Dean goes from plural to singular (We/family -> I). It just highlights the fact that while Hannah may have romantic feelings for Cas, we’re still supposed to view her pleading as part of a ‘cause’. Dean’s, on the other hand, goes from the idea of family, which is already something different from a cause, to completely singular and personal, and thus wholly connected to the emotional relationship that Dean and Cas have.



Sam finding out his brother is a demon [ITunes Promo]

Anonymous asked: The promo only further solidified to me that Cas' main focus *besides his fading grace* is Dean, having Hannah there really showed that.

Yes, you know, it’d be nice to maybe some day have a recurring female character that didn’t get slotted in as “love interest” or “mom,” but I suspected they might take this route for Hannah, as it’s another step on the path to humanity/Cas understanding his emotions. Who knows how Cas will react to her affection, given the timing (he is literally mourning the loss of Dean, who was his purpose as stated at the end of season 9). He could shoot her down, he might seek solace. Regardless of what happens with them, I have never been bothered by interim love interests. It’s all a part of the storytelling game.
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iTunes Season 10 Sneak Peek

This experience with Hannah is going to spin Cas off on an even more personal journey for the rest of the season.

Jeremy Carver, Season 10 Sneak Peek.

I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like the whole Hannah thing is going to be pretty finite… and I wonder what that “even more personal” journey afterward could be…?



it’s been half an hour and i’m still not over the realisation that cas and dean sleep on complementing sides of the bed like my world has been shattered and reassembled in gold



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