So guys… I’ve got another meta to write for the Hellatus Meta Madness - I’ve got a few vague ideas but nothing concrete. Anything you’d like me to ruminate on? Should I go Dean/Cas this time? Toss some ideas at me!

You don’t think you deserve to be saved?”

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Anonymous asked: what are your favorite and least favorite episodes of supernatural?

omg I love questions like this! You know I can’t just choose a few:

I am less intimately familiar with the earlier seasons (aka I’ve only watched most episodes once or twice) so there are only a few standouts for me - I would probably have others if I were to embark on a rewatch now.


  • Nightshifter (bank heist, this ep was crazy and I loved the fugitive storyline)
  • Jus in Bello (again, the fugitive storyline plus clever boys in a siege situation)
  • Ghostfacers (because GHOSTFACERS)
  • Lazarus Rising (because Cas’ amazing entrance)
  • On the Head of a Pin (because Alastair scares the crap out of me and this one is crucial for Cas)
  • Lucifer Rising (because Dean/Cas intensity)
  • The End (because it’s amazing)
  • Changing Channels (ditto, in a different way)
  • Point of No Return (because of all the character interactions)
  • The French Mistake (see Changing Channels)
  • The Man Who Would be King (OBVIOUSLY, I would venture to say this is the best episode they’ve ever done and such a gamechanger)
  • What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? (just for the Purgatory scene!!!)
  • A Little Slice of Kevin (this episode is everything from a Dean/Cas perspective)
  • Everybody Hates Hitler (this one holds a special place in my heart because it’s the episode that I realized bisexual Dean/Destiel was a real, purposeful and possible direction the show was open to taking)
  • Goodbye Stranger (because crypt scene!!!)
  • Road Trip (everything Dean and Cas should be is evident in this ep)
  • Stairway to Heaven (because Dean’s descent and Cas’ sacrifice)

I think my personal biases may be evident in this list. ;)

As for least favourites? I don’t know that I could pick, as most of them are MotW episodes I’d consider just forgettable and/or boring? Were there any I hated? No, not really… Were there any I thought should be done differently? Yup! But alas…

Agree/disagree? What are your favourites, lovelies?

castielmelody asked: wild question would you happen to know of any meta that analyzes cas & dean's relationship progression from s4 to s9 or anything like that?

Ahhhh…. there is this amazing collection which covers season eight and nine, and this is a really good breakdown of season 7 (but please, fair warning, the tumblr user who wrote it is no longer part of the spn fandom and only left this series up for posterity). I am not aware of any that cover 4-6, but maybe some lovely person reading this is? :)

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Zap2It Article


[Zap2It] Good to hear! What can you tell me about this mysterious other character that is also on the hunt for Dean in addition to Sam hunting his brother?

[Carver] Well, I can tell you that he’s kind of cool and his name is Cole. He is someone from Dean’s past who is looking…


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Since Sam didn’t see the episode he didn’t realize that Crowley took him. So Sam is now like ‘what the f**k? I’ve got to find my brother! What just happened?’ He is the Sam I love, which is the Sam on the hunt to find his brother. He knows something’s wrong. He has his suspicions. That’s the Sam we start out.

—Jared Padalecki - Talking about Sam in S10 (via itsjustjensen)