Has there been a meta about how Dean is basically mirroring his own journey right now? Seriously… all you do is substitute his demon deal to save Sam in S2 for putting an angel in Sam in S9 and we have the same storyline as we did 7 years ago… The crossroad demon’s dialogue even matched Gadreel’s…


Supernatural 10x01 sneak peek (video)

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Anonymous asked: Fanworks Anon here. A while back (maybe two weeks?) you reblogged something by a guy named Breen from SPN about needing a better term than "fanworks" to describe really awesome pieces of fan-created fiction or art. I think this applies to LtD/SPB/all your meta.

Ahhhhhh what Berens was saying on Twitter! This compliment just got sweeter! *blushes* Thank you!!


The Caretaker

Danny Pink is the chillest person on this show for real

I am rereading The House of Hades in preparation for the new Percy Jackson book coming out next week and I think pretty soon I’m gonna have to go on a rant about Annabeth Chase and what an amazing, amazing character she is and also how her relationship with Percy is the most gorgeous, healthy, positive and inspiring young relationship I have ever seen put on paper…

Anonymous asked: that fanwork thing would definitely apply to you, what with Learning to Dance and Stars Passing By. You're probably the best fanwriter I know.


Aw, this is such a sweet message to receive, thank you!

Reblogging because Tumblr ate half my reply… it was such a lovely message to receive but I’m not sure which fanworks thing you’re referring to? Did I reblog something recently I’ve forgotten about? If you see this, dear anon, please let me know, I’m intrigued! :)

@savingsammyhuntingdestiel replied to your photo “This darling child turned two today, therefore I am an emotional…”

He’s such a cutie!!! I hope you and Oliver had a lovely day celebrating together! <3

Thank you -  we did, he held up well through all the excitement of cake, ice cream, presents, etc… I still can’t believe I have a two year old now!