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“I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world."


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Interesting enough, the shot in the middle of the scene between Sam and Metatron, while he is still saying “something of yours”, referring to Castiel, the scene is turning to Dean, in a different place, new shot, but without the black screen between them, and right back to…


… Damn it, Dean.

After this episode, no one can convince me that their story is not meant to be the show’s romantic subplot. I understand people are saying that it needs to be more obvious, and that it needs to be pronounced in a way there is no ambiguity left about their feelings, and I agree with their reasoning.

Still, it was in this very episode - more than in any of the ones that came before - that I thought that the relationship between Dean and Cas *is* romantic and as such a vital part of this show, its universe and characters. The fact that no reprieve, not even the briefest moment of happiness is granted to the Winchesters and their allies has become part of the deal - in season 9 more than ever. Both Dean and Cas have their own lives, their burdens to bear, their responsibilities to meet. They both have neither time nor inclination to give in to complicated love affairs. They cannot afford to give in to introspection and moments of self-reflection; as it is, I think Dean believes he cannot afford to have a “big gay crisis”, so he just makes sure things do not even get that far. And Cas, on his part, does not even want to dwell on the implications and dangers of an angel loving a man in a very human way.

But even then, despite all that, they steal whatever happiness they can get from each others voices, from the comfort of a fleeting touch. What they feel for each other is romantic love in its purest sense: it serves no purpose, it doesn’t save or destroy the world, it asks for nothing, and demands nothing in return. It’s just there.

And they both know it, and accept it as a part of their lives. That they don’t talk about it, or act on it - at least for the time being - makes perfect sense to me.

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Can I just point out that the word subtext has now been used canonically in the show which would indicate that the writers know what subtext is and it’s canonically legitimate to discuss subtext?

The editing of the scene makes it very clear that not only are the questions about subtext and who gives a story meaning related, they’re the most important questions.

AND, though in the opening sequence it appears that Metatron is breaking the fourth wall (or, y’know, peering through the BIG GAPING HOLE THAT USED TO BE THE FOURTH WALL) and talking directly to the audience, he’s actually addressing Castiel, as we see when Cas snaps out of the whammy.

Considering that Metatron downloads ALL OF THE FICTION EVER directly into Cas’ brain—including the Carver Edlund books—that emphasis on subtext and making meaning, and that it’s up to Cas to decide for himself how to answer those questions, raises extremely interesting new fine questions about whether or not Cas will look at all that new information—which, again, includes ALL THE CARVER EDLUND BOOKS—with subtext and interpretation in mind.

*walks off with hands in pockets, whistling*

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Oh look, an Impala statuette framed with Cas to represent him siding with the Winchesters.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jerry Wanek?

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Screwing around with colours with cuddles that somehow morphed into a midnight flight. Ahh well.

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